Thank you for your Donation

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Study Abroad Program

Your donation will continue to make this possible. The perspective changing opportunity that studying abroad offers is an experience everyone should have access to.

Sewing Machine Award

Your donation will make learning possible despite remote learning and accessibility to Sewing Labs for graduates that are moving on to a Fashion focused college or university.

Sydney Schennel Barnett 19952015
Sydney Schennel’s Passion Award

Your donation will continue to honor the memory of Sydney Schennel and the love she had for what she did. Your gift will fuel the love our students have for their craft and empower the purpose of their passion.

Senior Dues Award

Small tokens such as a cap and gown and a yearbook, as well as yearbook pictures are not included in a public high school students experience but you can make it happen for our students, with your donation. Me back in 1992, when I worked after school to make this picture possible.


Your donation will continue to instill the sense of community and openness for our LGBTQ youth.

Carole Lee Bergman Award

Your donation awards and promotes the spirit of humanitarianism. It is in honor of a breast cancer survivor that fought by giving her time and efforts through volunteering while mentoring and loving an insecure young adult, me.

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