The Why

This charitable foundation was started for the public high school students of The High School of Fashion Industries. The sole purpose of this budding mission is to make sure they have access to funds for small important things that encompass their academic years.

I began this foundation, like many things in my life, when I am told ‘NO’; I make it my business to go as far as I can to prove anyone wrong.
Yes, I can.
And because it is for the children that I hold dear to my heart, my students, I will go farther.

 I have recognized that anything worth pursuing, persevering and achieving takes MORE than just my own will. It will take the love, support and action of those same like minded people to make this happen, whether through donations or services, I welcome you.

It is my hope that we grow to serve younger grades within the NYC area and expand to other cities near and abroad.

What good is altruism if it has limitations?