For the LOVE of my students

I graduated the High School of Fashion Industries 30 years ago. It was 1992 and Chelsea was not the neighborhood it was PRE- COVID. I could describe it as gritty, rough, the ‘wild west’ of the village, the tail end, aftermath of the AIDS epidemic and it was felt as it is located a stones-throwContinue reading “For the LOVE of my students”

Nothing GREAT is accomplished Alone

To say that this past year was trying, exhausting, challenging, maddening, enraging, many times discouraging is an understatement. I oftentimes doubted my determination to continue what I began when I set out to introduce Study Abroad to the students at HSFI. There were many understandable obstacles that made me rethink my efforts and energy investedContinue reading “Nothing GREAT is accomplished Alone”

We are Here.. Florence, Italy

It took patience and determination to get here. The HSFI Study Abroad program was paused since 2019 and the wait was inevitable thanks to COVID yet the future of the program was uncertain. Since then the program has been compartmentalized to ensure the continuation of its success.PoOFA will continue to promote the benefits of educationContinue reading “We are Here.. Florence, Italy”

Back to Florence

The summer of 2019 was the last time students of the High School of Fashion Industries traveled to Florence Italy. Their trip was more than the regular ‘backpacking through Europe’ trip we read and hear so much about when talking about our young adult years. Their trip was to work towards their college credits, anContinue reading “Back to Florence”


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