ISIS – Incoming Freshman
ZOEY – Incoming Freshman
AAMIYAH – Incoming Freshman

These ‘lucky’ Incoming Freshman won a Sewing Machine in a sponsored raffle at HSFI’s Practice Commute Day

Welcome to PoOFA!

Power of One For All is an Education Non-Profit Organization I founded in 2017 to benefit the students of The High School of Fashion Industries in Chelsea, New York City.

I was once a student there — now a proud alum, class of 1992 and fashion design teacher — since 2010. 

As a daughter of Dominican and Ecuadorian immigrants raised in Harlem by my grandmother, I grew up hearing the words, “There’s no money for that.”  

“There’s no money for that” is what I aim to change by founding Power of One for All. 

The High School of Fashion Industries is a Title 1 NYC public high school.
The basic principle of Title 1 is classified as a school with a large concentration of low-income students who receive supplemental funds to assist in meeting their educational goals.

Our Education Non-Profit has curated a scholastic year award program which consists of Three Academic Merit Based Scholarships.

95% of all donations directly fund our scholarships!
Please help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 for the scholastic year 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

I am very proud to have been an honoree at Schneps Media’s Power Women of Manhattan gala award ceremony, held in New York City on March 24, 2022 — in recognition for my founding of this educational non-profit organization.

“Be the Adult you needed when you were young.”

Thank you to the generous donors we love to call our ONE’s. Your donation allows our mission to happen.
For however small a donation may seem, ‘even a drop changes the weight of the sea.’

Remembering you may be ONE, but you have the POWER to ignite change FOR ALL

Official 501 (c) (3) created to benefit the students of the
High School of Fashion Industries

Receipts for donations furnished upon request

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