Study Abroad Scholarship

HSFI Juniors 2022


Ashley is a graduating senior at the High School of Fashion Industries and will be attending the 4 Week Program at FUA which will earn her 9 College Credits!

Welcome to Florence

Florence, Italy — the city that gave birth to the Renaissance and the Haute Couture — is unparalleled in its artistic and architectural masterpieces, luxury fashion houses, leadership in modern design, and meticulous craftsmanship.

The Florence Summer Study Abroad Program consists of a three and four-week immersion at the Florence University of the Arts, offering Fashion High students the privilege to gain academic enrichment in this magnificent city that is an international powerhouse of innovation and creativity. For the majority of our students, this is their first trip to Italy and their first experience traveling outside the United States.
Students attend courses in which they earn pre-college credits, while simultaneously gaining a global perspective through their exposure to the Italian language, culture, and the country’s surreal natural beauty.
Our satellite program launched in 2012 with five students, growing each year to 35 students in 2019. A total of 75 High School of Fashion Industries students have attended the Florence Program through the fundraising efforts and collaborative participation of Florence University of the Arts

Get to know our Host School

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Purchase a Study Abroad Tote and send an HSFI student to Florence, Italy!

Your 20$ buys this 100% Cotton canvas tote and helps us fund our Study Abroad Scholarship. Give One deserving scholar the chance to travel to Europe and earn college credit, a life-changing experience they will never forget.

All totes can be picked up in room 429


‘To study culinary in Italy?! That’s any promising chef’s dream.’

Truman High

Harry S. Truman High School students joined the HSFI Study Abroad program, thanks to their Culinary Instructor, Chef Brylski & Asst. Principal Jordana Bell

DISCLAIMER: This is an exclusively owned Florence University of the Arts Program

It is not a High School of Fashion Industries program. It is not a PoOFA program. This program is not funded, nor endorsed by The High School of Fashion Industries, the Department of Education, or the City of New York. All payments and all documents required to participate are submitted directly to FUA. HSFI and FUA are in no way legally/contractually tied whether through a contract or agreement for the pre-college program. HSFI participation involves students who, outside of the regular school year, voluntarily enroll and fulfill responsibilities for the program.

ALL families of participating students are required to sign the contractual agreement stating the same.

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