And the Sewing Machine Winners were..

The history of the sewing machine is a wondrous one and any sewer, tailor, creator that uses it as their primary equipment may not know much about that but do know how transformative it can be.

My first sewing machine was at 13.. more than 30 something years ago.

My grandmother was the heroine in my life that provided me with the machine that was suppose to change her life but didn’t. She wanted to mount a ‘studio’ in her native Dominican Republic but that dream never came true and so when I was accepted to Fashion High, she passed on her dream to me.

And today our non-profit passes that equipment to the students at Fashion High, hoping it may help them shape their dream into reality.

We have managed to raise enough funds for 9 machines.. with our Application LIVE for our students to access, yet their hasn’t been much ‘noise’…. SO! WHAT TO DO?

We have awarded Three Sewing Machines to THREE LUCKY WINNERS in the three Practice Commute Day held at Fashion High this past week.

Practice Commute Day welcomed the students that will become freshmen this Fall at Fashion High. Truth is that many middle schoolers may not have traveled far to go to school and this was a way to introduce that experience to them and their parents. If they were OK with that run, then maybe the next 4 years if their lives will be successful!!

Attending this non-mandatory admissions event tells a lot about the dedication a student has and will have throughout their academic career and says even more about the families that are their support system. These are the students that tend to go far and this is the reason why we promote our opportunities. Our existence is to award students such as these.

Day One
Congratulations Isis – Incoming Freshman
Day Two
Congratulations Zoey – Incoming Freshman
Day Three
Congratulations Aamiyah – Incoming Freshman

It was an extremely rewarding experience. Looking at their faces, filled with joy upon listening for their number called out in the raffle, receiving a sewing machine was the highlight of these three days.

This is why we do what we do.

Every cent donated goes towards creating that joy.
We appreciate all the generosity of all the Ones.
As our name demonstrates, they had the Power to make this happen.

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