Sewing Machine Award

And the Winner is..

Video Credit: Lucy A. Fierro

Meet Manira J., Fashion Design Senior at HSFI and the WINNER of The Sewing Machine Award. Her persistence, and determination assisted her with winning this Singer Home Machine.

Learn how you can win one, just like she did by reading below..
Good Luck!

At this time, when many High School of Fashion Industries families are faced with unemployment, joblessness, and food insecurities, a sewing machine is a luxury.
Students that have been accepted to a college that will further their dream of becoming a fashion designer will benefit from this essential equipment.

Schools like Fashion Institute of TechnologyParsons School of Design, and Pratt all have labs where students that DO NOT have the needed equipment like Sewing Machines can go and use them. Yet as a graduating senior of Fashion High, we want our students to walk into their next home of learning PREPARED!

Fashion Design Major – Apply to win your own Singer Sewing Machine.
Students can either be a current fashion major student OR a graduating senior that has been accepted and is attending a college or university with FASHION DESIGN as their major this fall, to qualify.

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