A Drop in the Ocean

There may be times, days, moments when the world around you can seem as chaotic or as tranquil as the ocean. The state of that simple element of water when as large as the ocean can soothe you or drown you.

Every drop summing that mass is as important as the whole body itself. 

It can seem unbelievable that one small drop can make such a difference yet it can, they do and continue to. Whether the waters they form sail a liner into the sunset or sink a ship as large as the Titanic, the power each drop holds must be embodied within us human beings.

We each can be as powerful as that drop in the ocean and make a difference. We must not only believe, but every day try to be as great as that one drop. It is true that ONE is not as impactful as the whole but it doesn’t stop it from being as powerful.

Just imagine and wait to see how the actions of ONE start to impact the rest.

It is our hope that you too, can be ONE.


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