And the Sewing Machine Winners were..

The history of the sewing machine is a wondrous one and any sewer, tailor, creator that uses it as their primary equipment may not know much about that but do know how transformative it can be. My first sewing machine was at 13.. more than 30 something years ago. My grandmother was the heroine inContinue reading “And the Sewing Machine Winners were..”

Nothing GREAT is accomplished Alone

To say that this past year was trying, exhausting, challenging, maddening, enraging, many times discouraging is an understatement. I oftentimes doubted my determination to continue what I began when I set out to introduce Study Abroad to the students at HSFI. There were many understandable obstacles that made me rethink my efforts and energy investedContinue reading “Nothing GREAT is accomplished Alone”

We are Here.. Florence, Italy

It took patience and determination to get here. The HSFI Study Abroad program was paused since 2019 and the wait was inevitable thanks to COVID yet the future of the program was uncertain. Since then the program has been compartmentalized to ensure the continuation of its success.PoOFA will continue to promote the benefits of educationContinue reading “We are Here.. Florence, Italy”

What can a Dress Form do for you?

As a Fashion student, you know the answer to this question… but what good is it if you can’t get anything from it? Share your feelings and you just MIGHT win this one right here! This dress form was donated by alumni Daisa Cervantes, Class of 2013 In order to be the lucky winner youContinue reading “What can a Dress Form do for you?”

With a name like ‘Chanel’

give me fashion or give me death sydney schennel/18yo/new yorker/aspiring fashion designer, ready-to-wear and couture are my passion as you see between my unique transitionsi feel like this is my destiny because I’ve wanted this from such a young age, i know nothing else.. enjoy the show These are the words of Sydney Schennel. WithContinue reading “With a name like ‘Chanel’”

Carole Lee

Carole Lee BergmanOctober 19, 1933 – November 19, 2016 The Carole Lee Bergman Scholarship for Excellence in Humanitarian Service will be awarded to a student who has distinguished themselves by meritorious direct “hands-on” participation in a humanitarian nature directed toward an individual or groups of individuals or organization. This first Annual Scholarship may be awarded at theContinue reading “Carole Lee”