Since you last saw us..

We’ve accomplished so much since the last time you’ve been around.

So many great souls have donated to our cause and we made ‘Michael’s’ dream come true.

Michael is Kevin Harman and now a graduate of the High School of Fashion Industries, and on his way to college.

He didn’t attend graduation because his first time ever on an airplane would happen to be that same afternoon and the destination, Florence, Italy.

He attended the three week program, that would earn him 6 college credits at the illustrious Florence University of the Arts.

His love for fashion compelled him to select Fashion Design Studio and Fashion Media & Culture. His time was not in vain. He loved every minute of it.

Kevin was able to experience an event that so many other teens his age may take for granted. Studying abroad is a right of passage for many young adults but not for many in our school. This past summer over 30 families entrusted the HSFI Study Abroad program advisors with their prized possessions as they embarked on life changing journeys half way across the world.

Living in a place that is far removed from your culture can bring you to appreciate your own. It can deepen your understanding of the world, force you to view it for the first time as an adult and this can be frightful, overwhelming and even intimidating.

Imagine doing this on your own?

Imagine facing the world, one foreign to you without the comfort of a friendly face? This past summer friendships were created and a familiar face that once was encountered in passing in the school hallways, became a friend with whom extraordinary moments were shared in Italy.

And the feeling of BELONGING would never be the same.

Kevin belonged.

He along with a dozen of other HSFI Seniors had ‘the best time’ of their lives, to quote Kevin. They made Florence their playground, the way only New York City kids can and hopefully that will not be the last time they will make their presence known on the globe.

It was our honor to make this happen for Kevin…

From Florence, with LOVE
Pink Vespa – pic taken by Kevin

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