Back to Florence

The summer of 2019 was the last time students of the High School of Fashion Industries traveled to Florence Italy. Their trip was more than the regular ‘backpacking through Europe’ trip we read and hear so much about when talking about our young adult years. Their trip was to work towards their college credits, an #adulting experience so many teens embrace or run from. 

It seems studying abroad in a fabled European country that is known for Fashion will make teenagers not only embrace it, but remember it for the rest of their lives.
That is exactly what it did for Ms. Chavez.

Ms. Chavez experienced study abroad back when she was in college, FIT in 2004, 18 years ago!

She loved it so much she stayed FOUR MORE YEARS after she graduated from Polimoda in 2005. It changed her life.

This life changing experience is what she wants for the students at HSFI and since 2012, more than 75 students have done just that. COVID paused the experience but this summer we are BACK TO FLORENCE.

It is the mission of our non-profit organization to assist students getting there. We started a fundraiser and with your help we can send ONE deserving and financially challenged student to travel to Florence this summer.

This experience will help them shape their perspective of the world and most importantly themselves. 

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