In the face of a pandemic – how ONE can help

As the entire country rallies together to flatten the curve against the COVID-19 crisis, needs within the health care are increasing.

Shortage of supplies needed to combat the rise of contagion is alarmingly real and in times like this, we must think outside the box.

Just as in WWII times, when the products of some factories turned into ammunition and the call to action to citizens were the daily norm, that is the feeling that is circulating today.

So how can we help?

Designers are turning their teams of sewers into the ROSIE THE RIVETER‘s of 2020 while some company’s are looking into making needed supplies with their existing ones. Granted the ordinary citizen at home, exercising their civic duty, cannot participate in these efforts yet if you cannot join those teams, then START YOUR OWN!

And that’s what our President did. She started a FACEBOOK Group – NYC SEWS

The truth is that our story began at Fashion High School, which was once known as Central High School of Needle Trades, a 10 story building located in Chelsea Manhattan, standing tall yet discreetly among the residential homes of a tree lined street.

The schools mission, to teach the sartorial crafts to any and all for close to a hundred years and still does to this day. Our own Ms. Belinda David, alumni of the school and Coordinator of the Alumni Association is assisting with alerting alumni living in the NYC area of the need for sewing skills and the willingness to offer them in the making of masks at home.

Now this does seem like an immense feat but our experience has taught us that anything can be achieved if you have the following:

  • Drive
  • Persistence
  • Belief in the purpose of the goal
  • Like Minded ONES

We are calling out to ONES that have sewing machine homes and are home bound that want to assist in this effort, please join the FACEBOOK Group – NYC SEWS, which is furnished with a variety of links to patterns for masks and tutorials on how to make them.

If you want to join in the effort without Facebook group involvement, please fill out THIS SURVEY and we can contact you to plan out a a delivery of supplies and/or masks pick-up.

All masks are intended to meet the urgent shortage need of all health care workers. Because of their individual preferences and generally use the cloth ones to cover the N-95 masks, ALL masks are welcome.

The inevitable truth is, a mask is better than nothing at all.

Man Power – CHECK

Where are the materials? That’s another part of the equation

How will they get to the sewers? How will the masks get to where they are needed?

Our Vice President and CEO of LES Downtown, Lisa Rosa has recently teamed up with giant AMAZON as a Delivery Service Partner and is finding a way…


**To arrange a pick up for your masks, CLICK HERE**

Please consider donating to fund the sourcing of materials and cover cost of transportation

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