Making Masks Happen – Ode to our ONES

It almost always takes more than ONE person to make an effort happen, to bring an idea to life.

Our initial goal is to awaken the potential within our high school students by giving them the opportunity to afford special items that can make their high school years memorable and your donations have done just that. We have been able to send students to Florence, Italy on our study abroad program scholarships and will continue to do that once this Global Emergency subsides, for now all you contribute will go to our NYC Sews – Mask Making Project.

Since this project first began three weeks ago, we’ve been able to corral a group of people to make this happen. Tailors through Fashion Week Brooklyn,  work space though Art Factory Studios, promotion through Fashion High Alumni’s Lucy Antonia Fierro from Rivoli Design Group, and our Board Member Rafael Mathiss .

Lucy through her contacts, made our project visible through the National Italian American Foundation’s online newsletter and Rafael proved once again that your circle is your tribe and their donations are funding the transportation of the materials needed to make the masks possible.

Rafael’s circle = Our ONE’s : His husband Dante Michael Sandoli, Daniel and husband Joe, Meltem Conant, Nancy Gruetzner, Leyla Mejia Castler, Jessie Palacio, Beth Jacowitz, Hector Rojas and Damiana May

We have 24 packages of fabric and lining ready for pick-up to drop off to tailors. Each package can yield up to 25 masks, which is a possible total of 600 masks!

PoOFA card

Line of packages
24 packages of fabric and lining for tailors


Scissors and Batting for Tailors – Thank you Daniel and Joe


Thanks again to our Vice-President Lisa Rosa and her incomparable energy. Thank you Lisa, for having the courage to transport these materials and for reaching always beyond the stars.

You are a very important ONE.

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