With a name like ‘Chanel’

give me fashion or give me death

sydney schennel/18yo/new yorker/aspiring fashion designer, ready-to-wear and couture are my passion as you see between my unique transitions
i feel like this is my destiny because I’ve wanted this from such a young age, i know nothing else.. enjoy the show

These are the words of Sydney Schennel.

With a name that sounds so much like the iconic Coco Chanel, this very talented young lady was as talented, as determined and as successful in the very short years of her life.

After her 2014 graduation from Fashion High, Sydney started her own couture level design line while being a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

She passed after her first year of college. Although she was not present with the rest of the 2018 graduating class, her determination and love for fashion will live on with the recognition of every student that embodies her spirit.

Sydney Schennel was a beautifully spirited young lady. Calm, quiet, kind, patient, yet in her eyes was that fierce flicker of excitement for life, for knowledge of all things fashion. She didn’t just take instruction, she absorbed every word and ran with it. She wasn’t content with the basics, she deepened her understanding by searching and researching because she knew that the greats went above and beyond..

and Sydney was one of the Greats.

There aren’t many students like her. There aren’t many students that welcome challenge, defy odds, feed the hunger, embrace their destiny and keep going. Yet, for those that are, this can be the award for you.

Applicants must demonstrate excellence in their Career and Technical Education major 

  • Create and share with non-profit – info@powerofoneforall.net & rchavez@hsfi.us – a self titled Google Folder under HSFI Drive with archived projects related to your CTE major
  • Commendation Letter of CTE teacher for achievements
  • Annual monetary award will be given at the end of the school ā€“ Initial award for 1st year applicants can start at $100 to be used at students discretion ā€“ Amount can increase dependent on donations.
  • Award winners are eligible and encouraged to apply annually ā€“ Second time winners will receive increase of award
  • Award winners with consistent documented annual wins may qualify for major award upon graduation
ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS – Follow directions as listed

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