Grant Opportunity – HSFI Senior Dues

I remember as a teenager wanting to be like my friends.. being able to have the things EVERYONE had, happened to be a problem. I didn’t know my family was poor, because I never felt poor. I just thought my grandmother was cheap.. because of the way she responded to every WANT I had.. ‘NoContinue reading “Grant Opportunity – HSFI Senior Dues”

Since you last saw us..

We’ve accomplished so much since the last time you’ve been around. So many great souls have donated to our cause and we made ‘Michael’s’ dream come true. Michael is Kevin Harman and now a graduate of the High School of Fashion Industries, and on his way to college. He didn’t attend graduation because his firstContinue reading “Since you last saw us..”

*Michael’s Story

The purpose of our non-profit is to raise money for NYC public high school students that need funds for extraordinary things that can enrich their young academic experience. This is *Michael’s story and his extraordinary thing is to Study Abroad in Florence, Italy. ‘Ms., I remember when I auditioned for this school. It was myContinue reading “*Michael’s Story”